Corby declared Britain’s most thriving community.

Posted on October 31, 2019

According to The Sunday Times (16th October 2019) Corby Leads the poll as Britain’s most thriving community.  Savills recently put Corby first in a table of thriving communities where economies are growing, populations are multiplying and house prices are buoyant.

“In Corby, Northamptonshire, property values have increased by 29% in the same period. With a below-average typical house price of £179,008, the jump in value is most likely the result of a number of ambitiously priced new-builds.

“There are new areas in Corby that are bringing London buyers up for commuting options,” says Jessica Gray, branch manager at Connells estate agency. Its Corby office is part of Oakley Vale, a new 6,000-home development in the southwest of the town.

The catalyst for this was Corby station, which opened 10 years ago, along with new sports facilities and a theatre. This made a commute to London St Pancras (1 hour 10 minutes) or Leicester (40 minutes) eminently possible. A further 6,000 homes have been built at Priors Hall Park, convenient for workers in the industrial part of town, with another 1,000 homes forming the new village of Little Stanion.

Even if the locations themselves aren’t the traditional aspirational heartlands, you can get more bang for your buck in an up-and-coming uber-town.”

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