Posted on September 12, 2019

The Great Oakley Group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy provides a valuable framework designed to improve the way we conduct business and enhance the service we give our tenants, our employees and the communities.

The Great Oakley Group is committed to being a good corporate citizen in all aspects of its operation and activities. The Company therefore, holds itself accountable for its social, environmental and economic impacts on the people and places where it functions. We will endeavour to manage these impacts in a responsible manner.

To fulfil this aim the Group will actively embrace a range of policies and practices that aim to foster a positive approach towards corporate and social responsibility (CSR) as an integral part of our day to day activities.

Through our environmental work we are committed to reducing our corporate impact on the environment and raising awareness of the issues through our foundation and support of the Corby Clean and Proud campaign.

The de Capell Brookes have been living at Great Oakley (and its connected estates) for many generations. They also have a record of championing philanthropic causes and through our community work we support a number of charities and other community related activities both locally and nationally through the Brooke Weston Trust and the Brooke Weston Academy Trust Schools.

Long before the current generation of the family, there has been the clear understanding that with great privilege comes great responsibility. It is a principle that influences the way in which Great Oakley has been managed in the past and continues to be run today.

At the Great Oakley Group being a ‘responsible business’ goes beyond the money that we generate for charities, the assets that we provide for local communities, or the work that we do to conserve the environment, we believe that the long-term prosperity of Great Oakley can only be achieved by managing the estate in a way that delivers benefits for the environment, our tenants, our employees and the communities across the estate – and beyond.

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